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Election Center 2023

Election Day is November 7th for Des Moines Municipal Elections. Early Voting begins October 18th at the Polk County Election Office 120 2nd Ave, Des Moines.


Our focus for 2023 is on Des Moines councilor and Mayoral races. The seats up for election this cycle are the Mayor, Ward 2, Ward 4 and one of the two at-large seats. In addition there is a special election to fill the vacant Ward 1 seat. 

The following candidates are our endorsed slate for 2023 and represent the best path for Des Moines to become a more accessible, livable, and sustainable community. Candidate quotes were from statements made in response to the DSM Street Collective candidate questionnaire. You can view the full responses here.

We do acknowledge that ranked choice voting is not legal in the state of Iowa, and the city of Des Moines has eliminated run-off elections, and these factors were also taken into consideration when making endorsements. 


"One of the most important things the city can do is encourage development that considers transit. On our major transit corridors, we should be encouraging density and access to housing, jobs, services, and amenities so that someone has everything they need on our transit corridors. We should be a model for transit-oriented development in our region."


"If elected, I will be a reliable voice for forward-thinking solutions to slow traffic and diversify our commutes. With man-made climate change increasingly impacting our lives, we have to take every step possible to slow the warming of the Earth. Providing a multitude of safe routes to bike to work, school, and home allow many of us to get out of our cars and reduce our carbon footprints."


"I have been advocating for mixed-use and multi-family development along Des Moines’ corridors for the past decade, including my roles with Viva East Bank, Capitol Park Neighbors, Polk County Housing Trust Fund, and as a participant in the most recent updates to the zoning code."


"The future of any city in the US, but especially in the midwest is going to be dependent on its walkability and function that is NOT car-centric"


"I support removing parking minimums. No fear for Des Moines to be the first to enact!"

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